True Nature – Bahamas

Sea 2 Creature 4  Dominate  Great Stirrup KayakCreature1 Creature 2Nassau Ben's Cave


This is my first blog. And I am a Chinese photographer, named Wedoso.

I bet you are wondering why I choose this kind of nick name. And the answer is: Wedoso has the similar pronunciation when we say “I am alone” in Chinese. In my mind, loneness is the only key word which could describe the true life of a photographer: s/he has to spend even couple weeks to finish a piece of work. During that time, the only thing would company with the photographer is the loneness. However, even the photographer is alone, once s/he finish her or his work, some kind of infinite happiness would be around s/he for a long long time. That is one of the most important reason I want to choose to become a photographer. And this 2015 is my 5th year.

About Bahamas

Actually, I don’t like to write down so much words to describe how I took those pictures. But the only thing through this pictures I would like to say is: this is the first time I enjoy the true nature on the earth. From Great Stirrup Cay to Nassau, since there is no internet access, I have plenty time to enjoy all things around me, which offers me a totally different way to find nature. And then, I got pictures above.


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