H2S Farm Tour


Since the spring break comes, I planed to take photos for alpacas. At least for me, when I stayed in my country, it was hard for me to find any alpacas. But the story becomes different when I move to Texas. People outside Texas usually say that the only thing Texas has is roads. To some degree, I have to admit that it is true, since I could find alpaca easily since there are uncountable farms in Texas.

Then I drove to H2S Farm from College Station, which took me around 1hr 40mins. And as you see, my dream comes true. The holder of H2S Farm is Susan, a nice old lady. Her husband and Susan introduced something about alpacas and products of them to us. The picture I show above is one of her girls named Daisy.


After the farm tour, I went to Independence, a small town in Texas. And surprisingly when I visited a rose garden, I found wedding scene. That would be awesome, since my girlfriend became kind of “crazy”, since the scene was really romantic.

Hope you enjoy my work.

DSC_4743 DSC_4749 DSC_4753 DSC_4780 DSC_4800


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