Winter Morning 

During the winter break, I spent time in Dallas, visiting one of friends of my dad.

I admit that Dallas is not a perfect place for photographer to take a shot. But it is the motivation for us to show the beautiful thing people ignore. So what I did is just opening the Google Maps app and checked whether there is a national park or a stat park.

And yes, there are lots of parks. But none of them is worth for me to spend time on it until I found Lewisville Lake. Thanks for the Google Map app, because I found a person upload a picture for this lake. The title is Fall Morning. Although I was not sure whether I could take a similar shot at the same place and right time, I told myself I need to have a try. Then I got up early and drove there.  

Before I arrived the spot, I found those leaves in the water are amazing. I always want to take a picture including warm and cold colors. And now I got the chance. But I needed to skip them first, because if I spent time on them, I would definitely miss the morning fog. So I go to the spot, the bridge. 

After I finished what I planed, I was surprised that just near the spot there is a good place for fishing. See the pictures below. How beautiful the nature is. How powerful the nature is. 

I was really shocked by the nature. Once I went back to my living place, I talked to my dad’s friend again and again about my experience. Although he has lived in Dallas over decades, he never been the Lewisville Lake. I strongly recommend him to go hiking over there. And so do you guys. 

Hope you all enjoy my works.


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