Alaska’s Secret

Previously I had a plan to Big Bend, TX in this spring break. But once my girlfriend found a blog introducing aurora light in Alaska, I had to change my plan for her.

The trip to Alaska was very tough. We spent nearly one day (8am – 11pm) to Fairbanks, Alaska. I was born in south part of China, and I live in Texas. So I get used to warm and dry weather. And that is also the reason I don’t want to live in a place whose temperature is zero below.

But anyway, we made it. Our plan is a 5-day trip. We spent every night at a ranch called Chandalar Ranch until 3am. We are told that this ranch is one of best place to observe the aurora light or northern light. In the past, I did have the experience of staying outside until 4am to take pictures. But I can’t suffer such cold in Alaska. During the time I taking procures, I can’t even feel my hands. What the worse thing is the weather report showing it would be cloudy through the whole week when we stay in Fairbanks. So the only thing we could do is waiting outside.

Fortunately, the first day we got lucky. Frankly speaking, it is not very clear. But you know we have never seen the aurora light before, so we are almost crazy at this.3ea13b46jw1f220roa8pxj22u81w8b2b

Then the next day, we failed to observe anything. But the amazing happened the day after that day.3ea13b46jw1f220nmrhf9j21un0wvb293ea13b46jw1f220ngdrhjj21uo11zqv53ea13b46jw1f220napmdij21my18gb29

As you can see, there were still some clouds on the sky, but the aurora was very strong. And then the next day’s aurora light become much stronger!

3ea13b46jw1f220obmo0pj21uo169npdThe sky was clear, we were shocked by the motion of the light. It is live!

Besides, during the day time, we went to arctic circle. Due to the time limit, I didn’t have enough time to get off the van and take pictures. But I do have some shotted from the van.



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