Winery Town, St Helena

During Veterans Day, I finally get a chance to go out for some photos. As you know, I am not quite familiar with California. So indeed, I didn’t know where is the best place to take photos near Davis, CA. Therefore, Google is the only way I can try to seek the answer.

Luckily, when I typed “beautiful town in California”, I got a top 10 list. And St Helena is on the list. The first reason I chose St Helena is it is quite close to Davis. It takes us no more than 90 minutes from Davis to St Helena. But you can definitely feel the autumn there.

The first place I went to is Bringer Vineyards. The architecture style is kind of British, I think. I knew this before the trip, so I invited one of my friends to be a model, since wineries are perfect for portrait.


The second stop is Wine Spectator Greystone. When we were hungry, we found a restaurant. The outdoor setting is very beautiful. I really like yellow and red, because both of them can make you feel the fall strongly.


The last stop is Rutherford Hill Winery. As a matter of fact, this winery is not in St Helena, but quite near. When we drove upon hills, we totally believed we were in forests. And it felt good! It is nature, isn’t it?


Hope you guys enjoy my work.


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