Exotic Washington DC

Recently I got a chance to Washington DC for a conference. Before I came here, I have been told by my friends that DC is just a place filled up a bunch of museums. So I was a little frustrated by this saying. But as a photographer, I always bring my SLR. And surprisingly, I got a great chance to shoot nice pictures.


Street views are the things surprise me mostly. You know I live in Texas for two years, and move to California. I get used to the city views such that I think it would be very hard to catch any European buildings in a town or a city. But right in DC, I find a great number buildings which makes me feel I am in Europe.


Besides, since I was told that it would be hard to find a gorgeous nature sightseeing, I went out for street snaps. I used 200mm lens to shoot people in order to describe how people live in DC. Friendly speaking, street snap is far more difficult than nature shoot, because you can not ask people to stop and then take pictures of them — they are moving. So what I can do is to keep myself sensitive to every person passing me. And I got some pictures.


Hope you enjoy my work.


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