Lonely trip to Big Sur

I did a lot of preparations before I wen to Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur. I know Pfeiffer Beach is a wonderful place for photographers, but I never expect Pfeiffer Beach surprises me in a such astonishing way.

I drove my vehicle from Davis to Big Sur through US 158, US 101 and CA 1. I have been to CA 1 before, and it was my second time to drive through CA 1. But I admit no matter how many times I am on CA 1, I will be a baby and enthusiastic to everything I find. It is a really fair saying that CA 1 is one of the most beautiful coast road in the world.


However, my plan is to Pfeiffer Beach and back within one day. So I couldn’t stay at one vista point for a long time. Although I didn’t post pictures about CA 1, I still strongly recommend you to CA 1 if  you have any chance. Just ten minutes before I arrived Pfeiffer Beach, I was surprised by the quite environment along side. Before, I thought I would drive through a highway and see a beach. But I was wrong. I was now driving through a quite and beautiful forest! This is first time I regret to prepare not enough time on a place. Especially, once I finished shot, I strongly felt the best time to get a nice shot here is one hour before the sunset.


Therefore, although I spent nearly 10-hour drive from Davis to Big Sur and back. I would rather coming back and taking another shot. But anyway, hope you enjoy my work.


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