Warm Carmel-By-The-Sea

An advantage for living in California is you can easily find a beautiful town that is quite close to where you live. In Texas, usually when I have a break, the only choice I could have is to pick a state park and then I need to spend over 3 to 4 hours driving there.

And now in California, finding a good place is not a hard task. Luckily I find a friend who like to travel and take photos. The first day when I arrive in California, I just open Google Map and save a bunch of place worth to visit. So I just pick one of them, that is Carmel-By-The Sea. I don’t know whether you know another place called Gulangyu in China. But I would like to say Carmel-By-The-Sea is an American Gulangyu.

Winter is coming, in Davis, the temperate drops under 40 degree. But Carmel-By-The-Sea makes you feel you are still in fall yet. I believe it should be one of reason this small town becomes a place people would like to visit. People here are nice. And the architecture style is also surprisingly wonderful. Not only Cafe shops but also bookstores could make you peaceful. Since no more words I could use to describe how beautiful here it is, please enjoy my work.



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